Warisan Rasa Seribu Pulau

From: 18 Jun 2024

to: 30 Jun 2024

Explore the rich flavors of Indonesia

at ‘Warisan Rasa Seribu Pulau’ from June 20-30, 2024, at FoodMRKT Hublife – Taman Anggrek, 1st Floor. Savor traditional dishes and celebrate the culinary diversity of Indonesia!

Discover the tastes of Indonesia, such as:

  • Laokku Lempah Kuning
  • Otak Otak Ase
  • Lakso Bangka
  • Bakso Ikan Belitung Pindang Sungai Musi
  • Pempek Susi Bungamas
    and many more

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