Sate & Nasi Campur Festival

From: 06 Feb 2023
to: 26 Feb 2023
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Enjoy our Sate & Nasi Campur Festival Program, with our diverse range of shopping, dining, entertainment options, latest products, promo, and events.

  • Sate & Nasi Campur Festival

    Hope you’re hungry, food lovers! There are so many tasty tenants coming our way this month at Sate & Nasi Campur Festival!

    Here’s some of top 5 tenants are bound to satisfy all of your cravings:

    1. Sate Kambing Khas Makassar
    2. Sate Bali Pan Bingin
    3. Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih
    4. Little Bali
    5. Nasi se’i babi kupang kamari
    And many more!

    Save the date and you’ll taste 20 of the best Sate & Nasi Campur, you don’t want to miss!

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